What I’m doing now

I am currently on an extended relocation in Daphne, Alabama, where I am surrounded by fond and loving family, the heartrending squalls of a teething six-month-old, and a bountiful amount of basil growing in the back yard.

Lots of walking around the neighborhood while wearing the baby.

Haven’t had much time for creative pursuits, although I have unabsenced myself from Instagram.

An impressive cloud behind a suburban house

I have been appreciating the vast and various southern skies. You don't see them like this in Asheville.

I’m currently reading

  • An Economic History of the World Since 1400 by Donald J. Harreld
  • How to Live by Derek Sivers
  • October Child by Linda Boström Knausgaard
  • The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
  • Color Accessibility Workflows by Geri Coady
  • Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
  • Why Evil Exists by Charles T. Mathewes
  • Sunjata by Bamba Suso and Banna Kanute

A quote I like

You have to actively invite experiences into your life that will interrupt the smallness of your story and the calcifying generalizations you make about the world based on your own private universe.

— Sarah Hendren, “not in any particular order, and not exactly a gospel, but

I’ve been enjoying this song