Under Construction

In the spirit of that tendency to let one’s personal website languish in a limbo of endless iteration: here is a hand-rendered version of that good old Geocities-era GIF.

Under Construction. 2021. Digital animation from ten scanned pastels. 2000 px × 2000 px.

Meanders and Undulations

I watched the documentary Rivers and Tides: Working with Time, about artist Andy Goldsworthy. It’s a look at a mode of art that converses with nature, that collaborates with the strictures of uncertainty and ephemerality.

Two stills from the film Rivers and Tides: a close up of a hand holding a rock, and a medium shot of Goldsworthy assembling a hanging lattice of reeds

“Total control can be the death of a work.”

If art (craft as well) is characterized by the manipulation of materials, to what extent can you give up control and still call it art? What does that look like? (Is it even the case that “manipulation of materials” is a core definition of art?)

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